Soal-soal Unas 2007

14 Okt

Text 1

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Snow White. She lived with her aunt and uncle because her parents had died.

One day she heard her uncle and aunt talking about leaving Snow White in the castle because they both wanted to go to America and they didn’t have money to take Snow White with them.

Snow White didn’t want her uncle and aunt to do this so she decided to run away. The next days he ran away from home when her aunt and uncle were having breakfast. She ran away into  the woods. She was very tired and hungry. Then she saw a little cottage. She knocked but no one answered. So, she went inside and fell asleep.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Meanwhile the seven dwarfs were coming home from work. They went inside. There they found Snow White sleeping. Then Snow White woke up. She saw the dwarfs. Doc, one of the dwarfs asked: “What is your name?” Snow White answered, ” My name is Snow White.” The dwarf said, “If you wish, you may live here with us.” Snow White said, “Oh, could I? Thank you.” Then Snow White told the dwarfs the whole story about her. Snow White and the seven dwarfs lived happily ever after.

1. Snow White ran from home ….

A. at noon

B. at midday

C. at midnight

D. in the evening

E. in the morning

2. The third paragraph describes in detail ….

A. where Snow White’s aunt and uncle had breakfast

B. whom Snow White met in the woods.

C. what Snow White did after hearing her uncle’s plan

D. how Snow White went into the cottage.

E. with whom Snow White ran away into the woods.

3. The dwarf said, “If you wish, you may live here with us.”

   What did the dwarf mean with the words underlined?

A. He asked Snow White for a permission to stay with her.

B. He offered Snow White to stay with them.

C. He showed his interest in Snow White.

D. He agreed to stay with Snow White.

E. He wishes to stay with Snow White

Text 2

“Multicultural Education of Indonesia in Surabaya” is proud to present Ms. Jane Batubara, a well-known educator and researcher in multiculturalism. She was appointed Principal of Jasmine Intemationa    School in 1999, and since then she has conducted many studies on multiculturalism in formal education. Ms. Batubara will be in Surabaya on the I” and 2nd ofAugust 2005 to talk on “Multicultural Education for the Youth.”

During the talk, the participants will be provided with information on how to:

a.    obtain a wholly approach to multicultural education

b.    teach the youth to appreciate differences

Registration for the talk is FREE

Please call Rina at (031) 715632 for seat reservation.

 4.The text aims to ….

A. conduct multicultural studies

B. Introduce multicultu

C. promote Jasmine International School

D. provide information about multiculturalism

E.. invite as many participants as possible to a seminar

5. “During the talk, the participants will be provided with information on how to … …

The underlined word can be replaced by ….

A. Granted

B. Supplied

C. Arranged

D. Presented

E. Contributed

6. Diah  :Ted, would you come to my house tonight? We are celebrating our mother’s birthday.

Ted    : I’d be delighted.

    What is Diah going to do?

A. To her mother`s house with Ted.

B. To celebrate her mother’s birthday

C. To visit Ted at her mother’s house.

D. To celebrate Ted’s birthday.

E. To celebrate her birthday.

7. Anisa   : There’s the shoe store we’ve been looking It’s just across the street:

Nabila  : Wait! You can’t cross the street in the middle of the block! You have to cross at the corner.

Anisah   : Oh, come on. Let’s go across here.

Nabila    : Watch out! You nearly got hit by that car!

Anisah   : I guess you’re right. I will be more careful after this.

What are the two girls looking for?

A. The car car.

B. A cross-road.

C. A shoe store.

D. A block of stores.

E. A zebra crossing

Text 3

Before the fall of the Berlin wall, East Berlin was like the_ rest of East Germany – drab-And depressed. Today is a different story. There are over 40 major construction projects underway and investments in new construction are expected to exceed $20 billion. Part of this boom can be attributed to the fact that the national government of Germany will move to Berlin. The city will once again be Germany’s leading city and a gateway to the expanding markets in Poland, Czech Republic, and other countries east of the German border.

8. How was East Berlin before the fall of the Berlin wall?

A. Beautiful and nice.

B. Modern and interesting.

C. Leading and expanding.

D. Sophisticated and good.

E. Dull and uninteresting.

9. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text?

A. The government of Germany has been moved to Berlin.

B. ‘East Berlin has changed after the collapse of the Berlin wall.

C. East Berlin is like the rest of Germany – a drab and depressed city.

D. Before the fall of the Berlin wall, East Berlin was the centre of Germany.

E. There are not more than 40 major construction projects in East Berlin.

10. What changes happen to East Berlin after the fall of the Berlin wall?

A. It’s developing to become a leading city of Germany

B. It will become one of the richest cities in Germany.

C. It’s now the center of the country’s government.

D. It will be the biggest city in the world.

E. It has become a state city.

11. “… investments in new construction are expected to exceed $ 20 billion”.

The underlined word is close in meaning to…

A. Known

B. Predicted

C. Calculated

D. Completed

E. Expanded


The Good Stepmother

The old witch locked Hansel in a cage and set Gretel to clean the house. She planned to eat them both. Each night the children cried and begged the witch to let them go.

Meanwhile, at home, their stepmother was beginning to wish she had never tried to get rid of the children. ‘I must find them,’ she said and set off into the forest.

Many hours later, when her feet were tired from walking and her lips were dry from thirst, she came to the cottage belonging to the witch. The stepmother peeped through the window. Her heart cried out when she saw the two children.

She picked up the broom leaning against the door and crept inside. The witch was    putting some stew in the oven when the stepmother gave her an almighty push. The witch fell into the oven and the stepmother shut the door.

`Children I havecome to save you,’ she said, hugging them tightly.  I have done a dreadful thing. I hope in time you will forgive me. Let me take you home and become a family again.They returned to their home and the stepmother became the best mother anyone could wish to have, and of course they lived happily ever after!

12. The story is about a stepmother who ….

A. cried every night

B. planned to eat her children

C. begged a witch for money

D. tried to run away from a witch

E. saved her children from a witch

13. Which statement is TRUE about the stepmother?

A. She was the witch’s friend

B. She loved her stepchildren

C. She hit the witch with a broom

D. She locked her children in a cage

E. She visited the witch to see her children

14. “The witch fell into the oven and the stepmother shut the door.” (Paragraph 4)

Thy underlined word can be replaced by the word….

A. Closed

B. Opened

C. Painted

D. Marked

E. Polished


The Sumatran elephant’s_ habitatis Sumatra, Indonesia. The average male elephant reaches eight feet high and weighs up to six tons. A baby elephant can weigh up to one ton. The males are always larger than the females. They are massive creatures.

An elephant. has a trunk, two tusks, two eyes, two ears and two lumps on its head. It is known to be a clever animal. When an elephantis hot, it fans itself by flapping their ears back and forth. When an elephant herd wants to move, they use their ears as a guide. Their hearing range is very large. Elephants hear some noises that cannot be heard by a human ear.

Sumatran elephants have enough strength to knock down a tree. They can also pick up a log using their trunk and their tusks. Their trunk is their nose. They also use it like a hand.Just below their trunk, they have their tusks. Only male Sumatran elephants have tusks. A baby elephant is called a calf, the females are called cows.

 15. The text describes ….

A. a wild elephant

B. a baby elephant

C. the  Sumatran elephant

D. the Indonesian elephant

E. a male Sumatran elephant

 16.  What guides an elephant herd when they want to move?

A. Their ears

B. Their feet

C. Their nose.

D. Their trunk.

E. Their tusks.

17. Which statement is NOT TRUE about the Sumatran elephant?

A. The male has tusks.

B. They have big ears.

C. They flap their ears to cool themselves.

D. Male elephants are larger than the female.

E. The Sumatran elephants are not easy to train.

18. ‘when an elephant herd wants to move…” (Paragraph 2 ). The underlined word is close in meaning to…

A. group

B. place

C. animal

D. cage

E. trunk

 19.  How did the witch die?

A. She was burnt in the oven

B. She was trapped in a cage

C. She was hit with a broom

D. She was locked in her house

E. She was pushed against the wall.

Text 6


Rain always comes from clouds, But where do clouds come from? How does all the water get into the sky?

Think about your bathroom. There is hot water in your bath. Steam goes up from the hot water. The steam makes small clouds in the bathroom. These warm clouds meet the cold walls and windows. Then we see small drops of water on the walls and windows.

The world is like your bathroom. The water in the oceans is warm when the sun shines on it. Some of this water goes up into the sky and makes clouds. The wind carries the clouds for hundreds of kilometers. The clouds meet the cold air in the sky. Then we’ll see drops of water after the condensation of clouds to water. The drops of water are rain.

The rain falls and runs into rivers. Rivers run into oceans. And the water from the oceans changes into clouds and becomes rain. So water is always moving from oceans to clouds to rain to rivers to oceans.

 20. The text describes ….

A. how rain falls

B. the function of rain

C. the formation of rain

D. the process of condensation

E. how the sea water goes to the sky

 21. Which of the following is the correct cycle of the rain?

A. Water, clouds, condensation, evaporation, rain.

B. Water, condensation, clouds, evaporation, rain.

C. Water, evaporation, clouds, condensation, rain.

D. Rain, water, clouds, evaporation, condensation.

E. Water, rain, condensation, clouds, evaporation

22. “The clouds meet the cold air in the sky. Then we’ll see drops of water after the condensation of clouds to water.”  (Paragraph 3 )

The underlined word means the changing of…

A. gas to steam

B. gas to liquid

C. liquid to gas

D. water to steam

E. cloud to steam

23. What makes the clouds change into small drops of water?

A. The wind.

B. The hot water.

C. The sun-light.

D. The moving air.

E. The cold temperature

Text 7

Death penalty for serious criminals has been discussed by our experts. Those who agree say that death penalty will scare the criminals off. However, those who disagree say that it is inhuman, not effective and we cannot correct the wrong sentence after the criminals die.

In Switzerland, this penalty does not exist. Most people argue that the possibility of making the wrong decision is always there although it is true that spending life behind the bars is not easy either. Also, every person should have chance for rehabilitation. In this way he or she can start all over again in another life style.

Those who agree argue that there is no use to feed the terrorists in prison with their money. When they get out, they will create a lot of trouble by blackmailing and killing people. So, who says that jails will stop them from being bad guys?

My own opinion is divided. On the one hand, I want to be humane, and on the other wonder if those people are worthy of my feeling.

24. The text mainly discusses…

A. the death penalty controversy

B. the punishment in our country

C. the death penalty in Switzerland

D. those who support the death penalty

E. those who are against the death penalty

 25. Which of the following is NOT the reason for those who are against death penalty?

A. Death penalty is inhuman

B. Death penalty is not effective

C. There’s possibility of misjudgment

D. It is harder to live behind bars than to die

E. Every person should have a chance for rehabilitation.

26. What is the writer’s opinion about death penalty?

A. He is not able to decide.

B. He is against death penalty.

C. He agrees with death penalty.

D. Death penalty is a worthwhile punishment.

E. The criminals deserve to receive the benefit of humane feeling.

27. “However those who disagree say that it is inhuman, not effective and we cannot correct the wrong sentence after the criminals die.” (Paragraph 1)

The underlined word can be replaced by….

A. Fine

B. Thought

C. Command

D. Statement

E. Punishment

Text 8

     Jakarta (JP). The number of people injured in the-weekend earthquake in the Central Sulawesi Capital of Palu reached 26. The earthquake, measuring 5,8 in the opened Richter Scale, also damaged or destroyed hundreds of buildings. So far no deaths have been reported.

     “Only  3 of the  26 injured- are still being treated at a government clinic. In the Sausu Trans village, the rest have returned home,” Mohammad Haerollah, an official of the Central Sulawesi Office of the Ministry of Social Services, told the Jakarta Post yesterday.

Officials at the meteorology and geo-physics office in Palu said earlier that the epicentre was in the Gulf of Tomini, 32 kilometres east of Palu, at a depth of 32 kilometres. The office recorded 396 tremors between 5.30 p.m. on Saturday and 12.00 a.m. On Sunday. However, locals felt 47 of the tremors.

Antara News Agency reported on Saturday that most of the causalities were adults, ijured by collapsing structures. Agency also said, that the victims were mainly residents of te Sausu, Suli, Toronto, and Malakosa villages.

 28. This text as a whole reports ….

A. the weekend earthquake in Palu

B. the casualties at a government clinic

C. the profession of Mohammad Haerollah

D. the damaged building caused by the earthquake

E. the activities of the officials at the meteorology and geo-physics office

 29. Which statement is TRUE according to the text?

A. There were 349 tremors felt by people.

B. Some people were killed by the earthquake.

C. Suli, Torono and Malakosa were the worst places hit.

D. earthquake happened in the South of sulawesi capital of Palu.

E. earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter Scale rocked Palu

30. “Only 3 of the 26 injured are still being treated at a government clinic.” (Paragraph 2) The underlined word may be replaced by ….

A. managed at the same way

B. negotiated with somebody

C. considered in a certain way

D. given something enjoyable

E. given medical care

 31. Whyare 3 of the 26 injured still may be treated?

A. These 3 casualties were  possibly badly injured.

B. The casualties felt comfortable with the hospital service.

C. Maybe the facilities at the clinic were complete enough.

D. The injured satisfied with the doctor’s treatment at that clinic.

E. These 26 casualties couldn’t stand staying in the clinic any more.

Text 9


Pingvellir is a very famous historic place in Iceland where a lot of things happened, which have influenced the Icelandic history.

Pingvellir was reserved in 1928 and became a national park. Now there is a fence all around Pingvellir to protect it from sheep and other animals which can destroy the vegetation.

Pingvellavatn, which is in Pingvellir, is the largest lake in Iceland. It is 83,7 km and 144 m deep. There are many kinds of fish in the lake, like trouts, and tiddlers.

Pingvellir is also a very famous tourism place and thousands of people come there every year to see this smashing nature and its beautiful surroundings.

Men have tried to do anything they can to protect this old, famous place. They have put fences all around Pingvellir and there are special rules. They have also made many paths and you only allowed to camp on special places, to protect the vegetation. They have rebuilt the houses and many things for the travel industry.

32. What does the text describe?

A. A famous tourism place.

B. Kinds of fish in the lake.

C. The Pingvellavatn Lake.

D. A smashing nature.

E. A travel industry

 33. Which statement is TRUE according to the text?

A. The fence protects tourists.

B. Pingvallavatn is the largest island

C. The visitor can camp at any place.

D. Pingvellir is a famous historic place.

E. Everyday a lot of people visit Pingvellir.

34. “Pingvellir was reserved in 1928 …” (Paragraph 2)

The underlined word is synonymous with…

A. Built

B. Replaced

C. Booked

D. Restored


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